Our Organisation

Situated in the heart of academic city of Karnal. We have promised to ourselves to keep improving our service. Our resolve has led us into a series of activities that narrow down to one common objective- to help a student become successful by proving him with nothing less than the best.

We have employed the best teachers for a given subject. Our faculty consists of highly trained and motivated professionals having engineering degrees and most importantly a track record of good performance. A highly specialized research and development wing takes care of continuously preparing relevant and upgraded study materials including a series of tests, which are conducted periodically.


An excellent civil academy has development its own study materials in the past three years of its existence. Through a series of prints, reprints, up gradation and inclusion of the very best questions the study materials have evolved as the finest available guideline for the student. The study materials may be classified under the following heads: -

  1. Printed Notes: An academy has the distinction of having developed offset printed study materials including a question bank, self-revision series and model test papers. The materials have passed the acid test of many successful aspirants. These study materials are broadly categorized as notes, numerical problems and self-assessment tests on every topic.

  2. Assignments: apart from the printed study materials our faculty provides their own assignments on every topic. Most of the problems presented in these assignments have actually evolved in the classroom. These innovative problems make a student think, ponder and analyze. He develops his own ability to reason out and reach the right answers.

  3. Test papers: the test papers are carefully designed to test the students' ability to comprehend and apply the basic principles he has learnt. We advise our students to carefully and regularly go through these test papers so that they remain acquainted with the latest trend of examinations and thereby develop a competitive edge.