March 2014-Descriptive Questions

Descriptive questions are essentially essay type questions that intends to check the analytical ability and subjective knowledge of the candidates. These questions are essential for any competitive exams where essay type questions are generally asked. In recent times descriptive questions related to current affairs with base in the subject matter is gaining prominence in the competitive exams. It is with this view we intend to provide few descriptive questions that covers the important events of the March 2014.

1. Answer the following questions in 250 words
a) Discuss the strategic and economic ramifications of crisis in Crimea on India.
b) Critically analyse the process of promulgating Ordinances in India. Give your answer in context of the re-promulgation of SEBI Ordinance 2013 by the President Pranab Mukherjee in March 2014.
c) What are Basel-III norms? Comment upon the need of having Basel-III norms in the Indian financial system.
d) “The whole debate on Aadhar rests on the premise that it is too intrusive and violates the basic human rights, that is, right to privacy.” Discuss with examples in the light of Supreme Court judgement on Aadhar.
2. Write short notes on following in not more than 50 words
a) MH370
b) HSP90
d) TrueHb Hemometer
e) IRV 2020

3. How far the argument of Assam government that trimming of Rhinos horn would prevent poaching is valid? Analyse the argument in light of increasing number of poaching in India and suggest measures that needs to be taken for an effective and credible anti-poaching policy in India.

4. Write on the following NRIs and their contribution in not more than 75 words
a) Abraham Pannikottu
b) Anil Jain
c) Aditi Khanna
d) Gopal Rao
e) Kush Sharma
5. Outline the highlights of second Annual Health Survey released in March 2014. From the highlights can you conclude that government interventions in health sector will help India realize the Millenium Development Goals (MDGs) by 2015. If not, then what extra measures needs to be taken to improve health situation in India?

6. Answer the following questions in not more than 150 words
a) What is current account deficit? Give reasons for the recent decline in current account deficit in India. Does the decline in CAD reflect that India’s macroeconomic fundamentals are strong?
b) Bring out the steps taken by the Election Commission to make the Lok Sabha Elections 2014 free of money, muscle and power. 
c) Discuss the highlights of the third BIMSTEC Summit. Do you think BIMSTEC will help India realize its Look East Policy objective?
d) “Nuclear Security Summit will not help address the threat of nuclear terrorism unless the Western powers limit their expansionist policy and policy of installing a puppet regime.” Comment.
7. Do you think that India’s stand on Sri Lanka issue in UN Human Rights Council (UNHRC) was in line with the Gujral Doctrine? If yes, then discuss Gujral doctrine and how long will it go in addressing India’s concern in South Asia vis-à-vis China growing stature in the region?