May 2014-Descriptive Questions

Descriptive questions have been prepared by to check the analytical ability and subjective knowledge of the candidates.  In recent times descriptive questions related to current affairs with base in the subject matter is gaining prominence in the competitive exams. It is with this view we intend to provide few descriptive questions that covers the important events of the May 2014.
1. Analyse the voter’s turnout of General Election 2014 and contrast it with past elections.
2. Write short notes on following in not more than 100 words
a) French resolution on Syria in UN Security Council
b) General Elections 2014
c) Military Coup in Thailand
d)  RhODIS and its effectiveness in preventing poaching of Rhinos
e) Human Proteome Map
3. Critically examine the SIT on Black Money constituted by the Union government. How far, do you think, it will help in unearthing black money and how it will help Indian economy?
4. Comment on following
a) Gas deal between Russia and China
b) Maritime Silk Road Development Project
c) Narendra Modi becoming 15th Prime Minister of India
d) Kasturirangan report on Waste-to-Energy
5. Bring out the measures taken by Reserve Bank of India to make the use of ATMs disabled friendly. What other measures you can suggest?
6. Briefly discuss about Drishti System and its importance in the Indian Aviation sector.
7. Write on the following not more than 50 words
a) Element 117
b) Justice (retd) M B Shah
c) Cauvery Water Dispute Tribunal
d) SIMBEX 2014
e) Russi Mody
f) James Beard Award 2014
g) Uber Cup 2014
h) Right to be Forgotten
i) DGCA Guidelines on Real Time Tracking of Aircrafts
j) Nripendra Misra
8. Critically analyse the move of Prime Minister Narendra Modi to invite the leaders of the 8 SAARC nations during his swearing-in ceremony. Do you think this move will help India realize Guzral Doctrine in its true sense and lead to strategic repositioning of India in South Asia vis-à-vis China?
9. On the one hand World War-I led to mass destruction of lives and property but on the other hand it also led to the rise of United States of America (USA) as a hegemon. Do you agree? Evaluate. Also bring out the role of India in World War-I.
10. Signing of protocol on Central Asian Nuclear-Weapon-Free-Zone Treaty is a step towards nuclear free world. Discuss. Also discuss other treaties and conventions that would help realize the dream of nuclear free world.